Persona 5 Will Smother You With Style and You Will Enjoy It

Ten hours into Persona 5 and I am completely immersed in it’s world. It has been a very long time since a game has given me that feeling, and I am loving it. From the intro animation, to the in-game menu, this game oozes with style.

Presentation of this kind tells me right away that much care and time was spent by the developers on this game. Where else can you just stare at a menu screen and love switching between options and pages? They even made that shit fun to look at. This does not begin to get into the visual style of the game itself. The in game graphics and visuals of the game rival any animated film or show that is out there. Just thinking of it right now makes me smile with just how god damned cool it looks.

Another key factor to this game keeping a player entranced in its world is the music. I have always raved at Cowboy Bebop’s jazz/funk soundtrack, Persona 5 took that, cranked it up, and just rocks it. So far, the dynamics of the music have been spot on and complementary to the action or inaction happening on the screen. Even when the story takes on dark tones, the music does not seem out of place or inappropriate. I will probably buy this soundtrack, and suggest people check it out on youtube.

I wish I could post screenshots of this game, but I am not able to unfortunately, as publisher Sega has blocked players from being able to take screenshots or video of the game. But if you look around, you can find some online.

As I get further into it, I will write more about Persona 5. For now, this game is damned fun, if you’re into RPGs, go and try it out. If you are not into RPGs, then just listen to the amazing music.

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