Overwatch Journal 2

It’s been a few weeks now since the game was released and I have had the chance to get many more hours of playtime. Booting up Overwatch on the PS4, and dropping into a game still feels as fun as it did those first few days, the game still controls as great as it possibly could, play is always action packed and never dull.

Yet, when a game is this well made, what can happen to make the game frustrating and most importantly, not fun? Overwatch is a multiplayer game, it has no single player campaigns, meaning all the action when you play comes when jumping into a game with a bunch of random people and hope you’re all on the same page.

Most times, it seems like the majority of those playing with you will be aware of what needs to be done to advance the simple goals of each round. All the other annoying times, you will see most, if not all of your team mates running around directionless in the map, as the goals go unnoticed. The most experiences I’ve seen this with is the Escort missions, where your team needs to escort a payload to the other end of the map in order to win. Thing is, the cargo does not move if one of your team members is not around, and if an opposing team member gets near, the pay load will start to move back to where you started.

Other times I’ve seen people just completely abandon the objective areas that a team must control in order to win. Unsurprisingly, this ends with the unorganized team defeated, and risk not having any member of the losing team get a chance to score extra experience points at the end of the round. Pretty shitty to lose this way.

This is probably the biggest issue I have when playing Overwatch, but there is another thing which I’ve come to notice recently. Hanzo, the bow wielding samurai seems to be very overpowered in the game. How can a guy shooting arrows be over powered in a game with moon gorillas carrying force shields and cannons? Hanzo can kill enemies with one or two of those arrows, but his most devastating move comes from his ultimate attack. After getting a few kill shots in, Hanzo can summon a pair of huge dragons that shoot forward, go through walls, and basically kill everything they come in contact with. There have been some Escort missions where Hanzo can pretty much kill an entire team with that attack every chance he gets. It sucks.

The good part about Hanzo and other over powered characters, is that Blizzard does seem to recognize this and will be balancing characters and attacks in coming update. When will that be? I do not know, but for now, I’ll keep playing this game and having a ton of fun.

PS: Zarya and Symmetra fucking rule

-Bullit Bobomb

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