E3 2016 Day 1 Impressions

Yesterday, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony had their big presentations for this year’s E3. Watching these events are always fun, they can be very awkward for the presenters, lots off cool games are shown, and sometimes stuff that isn’t great still gives us all something to talk about.

What I saw from these big companies, was what I’m gonna call “Playing it Safe Mode”. What do I mean by this? There was not much new shown, most of the cool games were sequels of previous established franchises. It’s sort of like going to the watch a new summer blockbuster movie at the theatre, but all of the previews are remakes of movies that were good long ago and another Transformers movie (this time with more explosions).

Yes, there were a few new franchises introduced, but for the most part, it felt like this had all been done before. You know what though, Horizon: Zero Dawn looked fucking incredible, but I don’t know if it is a new thing or another sequel…

Oh and Playstation showed many new games for their coming VR headset. They have a Batman game, Star Wars game, Final Fantasy 15 VR game, and Resident Evil VR games coming out. From one not so interested in VR, and just looking at what has been shown in the last year, Sony is really taking on the other VR players in the market with this heavy game lineup coming with it’s headset at launch this October.

“What did Microsoft do?” you may ask? It started its presentation by announcing its new slimmer and sleeker XBox One S, which will come out later this year (October). At the end of the presentation, they announced their Project Scorpio, which will be a much more powerful beast of an XBox One which will release at the end of 2017. So Microsoft not only made its current XBox One obsolete, it also made its upcoming 2016 XBox One 2 ready for obsolescence!

Ubisoft also announced another Tom Clancy game where you play the american imperial army, going down to Bolivia because it became a Narco State when a mexican cartel took it over. Seriously, that shit made me mad, but I need to think about it a lot more.

Anyway, some good games will be coming out for Xbox, PC and Playstation (didn’t mention all of the games here cause you can just google “E3 2016” and see them all) and Playstation 4 owners seem to have the best shit coming out sometime in the next year or so.

Can’t wait for Nintendo’s press event tomorrow and see what games they will be remaking sequels for this time…

-Bullit Bobomb

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