Overwatch Journal 1

It has been a week since Overwatch was released, and after a few hours of playtime, I decided to keep a journal (sort of!) to record some of the things I’ve experienced playing the game. Here we go:

The last couple of days I’ve been able to play, one glaring thing about this game is the importance of working together. One would think this would be obvious, being that the game is a team based shooter, but that isn’t so. Each round, your six person team battles another six person team, for whatever objective the map has to offer. Being a team member means you must select a character to not only fit your play style, but also complements the other five people playing on your side.

Unfortunately, it seems like previous first person shooters has gotten us trained to working, not in cooperation, but in competition of each other (much like Capitalism…) to “score the most points”, and in most of these shooters, that means rack up the kills. Overwatch is not a game to be played this way, yes you are still shooting at people in the opposing team, but you also score points by using skills to assist your fellow team members, and also moving along the objective of the map (conquering an area, moving the payload forward).

In the last several days, I’ve noticed people hanging back in a relatively safe area of the battlefield, picking their shots, and not helping their teammates as they push forward trying to advance the goal short handed, straight into turret fire/explosives/traps/whatever. Sure, that person may have gotten more points for themselves, but the team lost the match, and everyone missed out on the opportunity to make more points.

My hope is that this slowly fades out as players learn the characters more, and the community keeps itself on check for this. Maybe this is just early adopter woes, and its a few folks who are new to the experience of playing cooperatively.

We’ll see as time goes on.

-Bullit Bobomb

PS: This game is still so fucking fun!

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